4 Outdoor Furniture Materials You Should Consider

Outdoor Furnishings are used to create a look and a feel that set a different mood or tone in your home. Outdoor Furnishings are not just functional and necessary, but rather, add beauty and style to the outdoors of your home. Before you decide what sort of outdoor Furnishings to buy for your garden, or patio, it is important to take into account what kinds of materials are best suited for the outdoors. As such, there are many pros and cons to each type of material. It is essential that you know both sides of the coin before deciding on the material that will best suit your needs.



Wood is one of the most popular materials for creating Outdoor Furnishings. Wood is strong, durable, and attractive, but it does have its drawbacks. Wood is susceptible to rot, mildew, and insects, and it can be prone to splintering if it is not properly sealed.


Wicker is another popular material for Outdoor Furnishings. Wicker is a tropical hardwood native to South and Central America. This type of wood is rot and stain resistant, which make it a great choice for outdoor use. Some types of wicker are more durable than others, and some may even be UV light resistant. It is also possible to find high-end resin wicker furniture.

Polyurethane is a popular choice for Outdoor Furnishings. It is made from high-density foam rubber that is injected into molds, which makes it very durable and light-weight. Polyurethane is known for resisting both rot and mildew and is available in a variety of colors. Resin plastics are also lightweight, making it easy to move the furniture from one location to another. Resin plastic is also easier to clean than most other synthetic materials.


Molded plastic is a very popular molding material, as it is extremely durable and will not mildew. It is the best material for outdoor furniture, as it resists moisture, mildew, mold build up, and is lightweight. Molded plastic may require a little more care, however. Make sure that you wipe down the chairs after exposure to water, and make sure that the moldings are cleaned on a regular basis, to keep them looking new.

Teak Outdoor Furnishings is very durable and is ideal for outdoor living. Teak is very difficult to destroy, and is resistant to weathering, fading and warping. The wood can last for decades with proper care and is available in a wide variety of styles and stains. The hardwoods are naturally resistant to insects, and it does not splinter when it is damaged. Because it is so durable, and has a rich, dark color, teak outdoor furniture makes a great choice for your patio, deck, or garden area.

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