Ballet Shoe Basics – A Beginners Guide to Choosing Ballet Flats

women’s fashion shoes always get to share the limelight

When it comes to the ever-changing trends in fashion, women’s fashion shoes always get to share the limelight. It is important that women choose the right kind of shoes for their unique personality type. Fashionable shoes should be comfortable, stylish and at the same time meet all the basic requirements of the feet. This way, they can also be a perfect fit to match all kinds of outfits.

There are plenty of reasons why women often choose to wear fashion shoes when going out with friends, partying or just hanging around the house. The most common reason is comfort. Going barefoot can be quite comfortable, especially if you don’t care about high heels. The most popular kind of footwear women prefer nowadays are casual sneakers that are either closed to protect the feet or have open soles. These shoes provide the most comfort, especially when they match an outfit perfectly.

paired with casual clothes and jeans

When choosing women’s fashion shoes, it is wise to know what kind of footwear would work well for you. You need to know whether you prefer leather, canvas or rubber footwear. If you are fond of wearing casual clothes and jeans, you would be better off buying canvas shoes. These are cheaper than leather shoes and are also easier to maintain.

The next factor to consider is the sole of the shoe. There are two kinds of soles to choose from – the platform and the tapered. The platform sole can be described as flat on the bottom and has a raised area on the top that gradually slopes down towards the heel. The tapered sole, on the other hand, features a point that gradually slopes towards the heel and is rounded at the toe. Both platforms and tape screwed sole provide the best traction and therefore would work well with most kinds of footwear.

shoes that be be able to comfortably support your toes

Once you have chosen the kind of role you would like to get, the next step is to find out what kind of heel would suit your feet. Usually, platform or tapered soles are advised for those with taller and bigger body types as they prevent your body from hunching over the top of the shoes. Also, you will find that the taller you are, the wider your feet are so choose a wider heel size if you are looking to make your legs look longer. On the other hand, those with shorter legs and slim calves should opt for narrow-heeled shoes to balance out the proportions. The width of the heels also comes into play as your legs will be able to comfortably support your toes.

When looking at the shape of the shoe and deciding which kind of toe is best for you, remember that a round toe will maximize the natural height of your calves. The inseam of the shoe should be wide enough to allow your toes free movement. For women with large calves, an increase in inseam size is advisable to prevent the large protrusion from rubbing against the back of the calves. The laces of a Ballet flats should be long enough to allow you to tie your shoe easily. Avoid ties with short laces as they may cause your Ballet flats to slip off your foot easily.

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