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Bride’s Sword By Hattori Hanzo Review

The replica of the famous katana used by the character of the Bride in the Kill Bill movies is crafted by Jason Blakey. This is a very realistic sword, which features a black, white, and yellow color scheme. It is made of high quality Japanese steel and comes with a matching sheath. Its blade is engraved with a lion and has etched hamon symbols. This sword comes with a cleaning kit, a hardwood display stand, and a black lacquer finish sword stand.

A Sharpened Carbon Steel Blade

This sword is made in Japan and features a sharpened carbon steel blade and an etched Hattori Hanzo symbol on the blade. The handle is made of cast metal with a black cord wrap and an imitation ray skin grip. The Brides Sword is beautifully packaged with a hardwood display stand and a cleaning kit. The storyline revolves around the marriage between the bride and the sword maker.

Authentic Reproduction

This authentic reproduction of the Brides Sword by Hattori Hanzo features a carbon steel blade etched with the sword’s inscriptions and symbol. The handle is crafted of imitation ray skin with a cast metal tsuba. The scabbard is made of wood with a black finish and carved Hanzo designs. This unique replica of the katana is also packaged with a hardwood display stand and a cleaning kit.

The Legendary Samurai

The sword is made of high-quality carbon steel and features etched motifs that commemorate the legendary samurai smith Hattori Hanzo. The handle is a combination of cast metal tsuba and imitation ray skin grip. It also includes a black cotton sword bag. Despite the beauty of the item, it is important to note that this replica isn’t a replica.

The Brides Sword

The Brides Sword By Hattori Hanzo is a replica of the original katana used in the movie, Kill Bill. It is a functional katana with etched and simulated hamon lines. It has a tsuba made of ray skin, while its handle is made of black leather. The scabbard is finished in black. It also comes with a hardwood display stand, cleaning kit, and a black cotton sword bag.

The Sword Was Forged In Real Life

Despite the movie’s satirical title, the sword was forged in real life by Hattori Hanzo. The original sword was fashioned of carbon steel and features etched hamon line and a simulated hamon line. The scabbard is made of wood and features carved Hanzo designs. The brides’ Sword By the Hattori Hanzo is a highly collectible and impressive piece of art, but the movie did not use it in reality.

In Summary

The Brides Sword By Hattori Hanzo is one of the most famous and sought-after samurai swords. It is an example of Japanese craftsmanship and has been crafted from tempered carbon steel. The blade is hand-forged by skilled artisans. The overall length is 40.5″ with a genuine stingray skin grip. Its pommel is wrapped with black leather dragon menuki.

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