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Construction Project Planning Processes

Construction planning is an essential element of the entire construction process. It is the process by which you organize and manage the different phases of your construction, from beginning to end. The planning phase of any construction endeavor starts with the determination of the scope of work and budget. In order to make this determination, you need to take accurate measurements of the area of the property, surrounding buildings, as well as any underground facilities. You need to also evaluate the size of the facility itself, as well as any connections that need to be built.


Strategic planning also refers to the strategic placement of equipment, materials, utilities, and facilities to attain your project objectives. Construction scheduling utilizes your construction schedule in order to adjust your schedule for cost, time, and scope to a working operational calendar. Operational planning addresses such issues as safety and security, site preparation, pest control, equipment selection, budget estimation, and communication. Once operational planning is complete, you are ready to begin construction. However, sometimes on-site activities can extend beyond the scope of the planned budget. When this happens, you will need to make adjustments on the fly.

Strategic planning is essential in achieving project objectives. It guides you to establish and maintain a comprehensive master plan for your project. This plan will help you determine the quantity and timing of materials, labor, and expertise needed, as well as the distance and location from your starting location to completion. Your master plan will include the expected time span, budget, scope, and schedule needed for each phase of the construction.


Construction management software allows project managers to effectively manage the schedule, budget, resources, workers, material, supplies, and materials used in construction projects. Construction management software is the most efficient way to keep all of these elements in line. With the use of the right software, project managers can easily determine which materials and equipment are required for each stage of the project. It also provides the necessary reports and other information to project managers and stakeholders so that they can plan for the completion of the project.

In order to achieve the master plan, you must develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan. The strategic plan will include work tasks and deliverables for each individual stage of the construction project. The strategic plan will integrate all of the project’s activities to ensure that each stage of the project is efficiently managed, and projects are completed according to the estimated schedule.


In order to successfully complete any construction project, there is a need to have a complete business plan. A business plan will help project managers to successfully complete the various aspects of the project, including scheduling, budgeting, materials, labor, and expert supervision. The business plan will also help you identify potential funding sources and obtain necessary financing. A business plan should be created during the planning process and developed as part of your overall construction project planning process.

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