Contact Lens Disinfecting Tips

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If you’re wondering what contact lens is, you probably have no idea what it’s like to wear one. If that’s the case, then you will want to know more about contact lens before you buy one. Simply put, the contact lens is thin, narrow lenses placed directly on your eyes. They are one-way lenses – you either get them really close to your eyes, or they don’t touch at all. Contact lenses have been used as ophthalmic prosthetic devices since over 150 years ago, and they are still used today by more than 150 million people world-wide, for various reasons. So before you decide to get yourself one, you should understand how contact lens work, so that you won’t end up with regret later.


In a way, contact lens works just like every other part of our body: they’re used for one purpose, and that’s to hold the light from the environment and let you see clearly. The moment when your eyes are no longer able to see well, your contacts will become useless, because they are not designed to let any light in. And so every time you put on your contacts, the muscles in your eyes contract, letting any light into your eyes, as long as there are some dark objects such as smudges or tears on your sight. So basically, contact lens becomes a “bandage” to keep your eye’s clean, but it also functions as your eyes’ windows to the world. In fact, most of the time, only a very small part of your eyes is open to the environment, making your vision extremely clear.

Now, we already mentioned that contacts are one-way, and that means that when you put them on, your eyes are closed for the whole time. And that’s the reason why your vision stays clear – because your eyes don’t contact anything, which means no infections. However, your contacts aren’t perfect – not by a long shot. If you have any sort of infection in your eyes, you would probably experience discomfort and irritation. This is because when you rub your eyes with your hands (not while wearing your contact lenses), you are actually transferring germs to your hands, which would cause infections.

Contact Lens

So how can contact lenses be disinfected? Most contact lens wear companies will advise you to sterilize them with rubbing alcohol. However, this is not an effective solution, and some patients have reported that it even damages their eye sight. Worse, it may even increase the risk of infections to your eyes.

So what do you do when your contact lenses don’t seem to work anymore? One way is to contact your eye doctor, who may prescribe another type of medication. Usually, it’s a prescriptive eye drop, but if it’s really necessary, you may also be given an antibiotic eye ointment. You may want to consult your optometrist first, though. He or she can give you more advice on this.


Of course, there are also alternatives you can do to disinfect your contact lenses, such as the use of artificial tears. These may seem a bit inconvenient and somewhat expensive, but the alternative is much safer, especially for those with eye issues. Artificial tears are filled with oxygen, which works like the skin does to fight infection. This is a better solution than soft contact lenses, but not really that good compared to disinfecting them with oxygen.

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