Designing an Effective Sales Report Dashboard

A sales report tracks significant sales activities over a specified period and helps salespeople make wise business decisions. There are several different kinds of sales reports, including monthly, weekly, daily, weekly summary, and national sales report. But the one that is most often used is the sales report of the country, region, or the quarter.

The Sales Report is important for business owners because it:

Data is important in order to make informed sales decisions. However, not all data can be accessed immediately. Sales reports often use tables in order to provide the needed information quickly. Sales reports use tables because they simplify the collection of data. It is easier to analyze and interpret the data in a table than it would be in large quantities in other kinds of spreadsheets.

The ability to collect data in tables gives sales reports the ability to be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as other applications that may be needed by the end-user (end-users refer to this data as “data objects”). It is also easy for the salesperson to manipulate the data in tables in order to make informed decisions based on the information in the data objects. This ability allows the salesperson to determine how much to sell during certain seasons if the demand for certain items is lower during that time of the year. The data in the tables will also allow the sales person to determine what items to keep, how to price items, and how to place an order with suppliers. This all depends on the accuracy of the data in the tables.

accurate data

Accuracy is another important factor when it comes to the creation of a sales report. Sales people need to be able to put together the accurate data from the data in the tables. Sales people need to be able to put together the data in such a way that the user, who is supposed to be buying the product, can understand the data and use it to make an informed decision about the product. A CRM software program must have a format that allows the user to put together the data in an accurate and easy to follow fashion.

Visuals are also important in reports. Visually-appearing charts, graphs, or graphics can help make a report more interesting and appeal more to the end-user. These visuals may show the difference between one feature and another feature on the product, or they may show the dynamics of the company as a whole. Either way, visuals help the end-user takes action.


Having a well-designed sales report dashboard is necessary for the success of any CRM software program. A dashboard will allow the user to quickly identify which action is most helpful in achieving the company’s goals. It will also allow the end-user to see at a glance which features on the product are useful and which aren’t. The dashboard is not enough; the entire CRM system needs to be used correctly. A CRM software program should be intuitive, properly designed, and user friendly.

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