he History Of Body Armor

Body armor increased protection

Body armor is a type of protective clothing that has been in use for decades, though recent advances in material and manufacturing technology have made improvements that are sure to benefit both the police force and regular individuals. If you’re a police officer, defense force member, security guard, or someone else who feels they require increased protection, a Kevlar body armor could be the perfect choice for you. Body armor designed with Kevlar provides excellent protection against ballistic (projectile) threats, and extra layers can add to the protection from other, more common devices such as firearms.

While Kevlar is the most commonly used material in body armor, it is also often blended with metal alloys such as aluminum to produce a wider range of applications. For example, bullet resistant plates for tactical vests and concealable vests can also be manufactured with a Kevlar blend that is reinforced by steel reinforcement. In fact, this is so common that when purchasing body armor it’s important to ensure the seller is using the correct material. Unfortunately, many vendors are selling body armor with steel reinforced Kevlar instead.

made of high-density fiberglass

The traditional ceramic plates, while extremely effective at stopping bullets and saving lives, are also generally not very comfortable and do wear down over time. The addition of high-density fiberglass in between the ceramic plates adds additional durability, but it does increase the weight of the armor. A good idea for those with less than serious physical demands would be to purchase body armor that uses alloys that are lighter weight, such as alloys composed of mild steel, aluminum, and even carbon fiber.

Since the early 1960’s, when the US Military began developing bullet resistant armor for the M-16 rifle it has used high density fiberglass reinforced with steel plates. Although extremely effective, these armor plates were extremely heavy and required the user to carry ammunition and other supplies separately. Additionally, they often came in cases of limited size, limiting the capability of operators to transport them from one vehicle to another. Other issues included the difficulty of installation, limited mobility, and the need for numerous sets of ammunition for the US Forces. For these reasons, it was never a good idea to use this armor plates in the commercial market.

unique design makes it highly concealable

An innovative approach to the problem was developed with the development of the Multi-layer Body Armor, which uses layered plates that are designed to meet the unique needs of law enforcement and military personnel. This unique design makes it highly concealable, lightweight, durable, and reliable. This type of armor is composed of a one-piece system that is worn over the existing clothing and only conceals itself when a belt or holster is attached. These multi-piece systems, when combined with hard wearing vests and other accessories, provide law enforcement and military personnel the best of all worlds.

These unique vest designs include a liner with pockets that are designed to hold M-16 rifle rounds or other ammunition when worn with the Multi-layer Body Armor. Additional armor options include heavy duty vests that protect the back and front of the user. These vests, often called body armor bags, contain additional pockets and protective steel plates on each side that protect against shrapnel or impact injuries. The Multi-layer Body Armor, developed by Specialized Gear, LLC, is one of the most advanced and safest vests available on the market for personal self-defense and protection of others.

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