Home Decor – Minimalist and Mid-Century Modern Style

Modern style focuses on usability

The first concept of modern home decor would be function. Not only must your rooms be useful to you, with those sharp clean lines and no excessive artwork and embellishments, but it also should also be practical. This differs greatly from interior design, where beauty is almost always the goal, as in this case you want the rooms to look good, without making them feel stuffy or claustrophobic. Functionality is just as important as beauty.

Another concept of the modern style of decorating is clean lines. In order to create a clean, uncluttered look, we want the rooms to be as streamlined as possible. We want all the clutter to go away and for us to just see the rooms in the space. This does not mean that we are eradicating all traces of style; quite the opposite in fact. Simplicity is the key, and clean lines are very effective at achieving it.

feeling of balance and unity

Wood is one of the main components of our home decor and one of the most popular elements within this style. Wood comes in many different colors and grains, and we often find ourselves choosing between red oak and white pine. Within the Mid-Century movement, the grain of wood was considered more important than the color, so white and red oak were often interchanged within homes, giving a feeling of balance and unity.

Industrial style of decor can be found all around us. From the stark white and gray industrial huts of Cold War America to the chic, contemporary looks of the 60s, industrial design is not to be confused with cookie cutter home decor. These styles are not about being simple or traditional. Instead, they are about creating an aesthetic environment that is fresh and inviting.

minimalist spaces

One of the best examples of minimalist design is found within the sleek, modern spaces of today’s cities and suburbs. Minimalists love their clean lines, the symmetry of materials, and the simplistic nature of their creations. This aesthetic is most often featured in homes in empty streets, skyscrapers, and apartment buildings where attention to detail is minimized and privacy is usually non-existent. While these spaces are intentional minimalist spaces, they are also the perfect showcase for the minimalist approach.

Home decor can be anything that you want it to be – functional, luxurious, stylish, or both. When searching for your ideal home decor, you will no doubt come across many different options, some modern, some antique, and some of course, Mid Century Modern. By simply determining what your personal preferences are in terms of style and look, and how much storage or area you need, you will be able to easily transform your current home decor into your ideal living space.

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