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How To Lower Your Business’s Natural Gas Bill

When you’re looking to lower your business’s natural gas bill, there are several factors that you need to consider. The first is the billing cycle. If you’re billing on a monthly basis, you will have a shorter billing cycle than if you were billing on a yearly basis. The second factor is how often you use your gas. You may find that you have to adjust your thermostat more frequently in the winter than you do in the summer, which can increase your bill.

Cost Of Local Gas Transportation

The cost of local gas transportation is included in the local gas supply charge. This charge covers the cost of the local pipelines and safety services. The next category of costs is the Minimum Charge, which covers the costs of billing and processing payments for gas delivered by the utility. If you have a large business, you will have to pay more for this service than you do for residential gas. This charge will likely increase your bill by 25 percent.

Gas Supply Charge

The gas supply charge is an important line item on your business’s natural gas bill. This charge represents the actual cost of purchasing and delivering the gas to your location. Unlike the natural fuel supply fee, it is not an operating profit center for the utility. However, if you are a business, this information is crucial. And if you don’t know what it means, it’s time to call the company.

The local gas supply charge represents the cost of transportation of the gas to the area. This charge also includes safety services and local pipeline maintenance. The minimum charge covers the company’s fixed costs. By contrast, the minimum charge is not an operational expense, and is the cost of acquiring and supplying the gas. It’s a cost center for the utility. When you get a businesss natural fuel bill, you should understand the charges on it.

How Much Energy Is Used Per Month

Another key detail is how much energy is used per month. Your monthly natural gas bill will vary based on how much natural gas is used. The amount of energy consumed is measured in British thermal units (BTUs). In this way, you can see what you’re paying for and what’s left untouched. Generally, the price of natural gases per therm is fixed, although the rate can vary from month to month due to the supply of the gas.

In Summary

Your business’s natural gas bill can be cut in half through several simple changes. You should maintain an even lower temperature during the winter than you do in the summer. It’s important to keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature for your employees, but don’t forget that the temperature in the office can affect the productivity of workers. To save money on your natural gas bill, make these small adjustments to your thermostat. You’ll save 3% with a small change in temperature.

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