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How to Lower Your Energy Consumption by Improving Your HVAC System

Commercial equipment adds a lot to your restaurant’s energy consumption, especially your commercial restaurant equipment cooling system. However, most commercial equipment does not need guzzling fossil fuels, and simply switching to alternative energy-saving designs can save your company thousands of dollars a year. A good cooling system can save you hundreds of dollars every single year in energy costs alone. This cost savings is a direct result of regular maintenance. The following are five simple tips for reducing the impact your commercial equipment cooling system has on your energy bill.


Regular Maintenance and Repairs:

If you want to see an energy efficiency improvement, then it’s time to check the coolers, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and so on. These are your equipment’s biggest energy consumers. Over time, they start to degrade, which leads to energy consumption reduction. Also, by replacing older inefficient equipment, you will immediately improve your energy efficiency.


Regular Maintenance:

While the above maintenance techniques can help you improve your energy consumption as well, another way is by simply maintaining the condition-based maintenance program you have in place. In this scheme, the only constant changes. As a business owner, you can change your equipment condition by changing the filters, or replacing parts. Only when those changes don’t have any impact on your system’s condition-or your business needs-should you consider a service or predictive maintenance program.


Predictive Maintenance:

This is a more involved maintenance routine. Rather than just changing filters, for example, you will need to monitor and adjust temperatures. Since an excessive increase in temperature can lead to a large energy consumption increase, you’ll also want to consider this option. In addition, when you implement a predictive maintenance program, you are more likely to achieve significant cost reductions. Again, by monitoring and adjusting your HVAC system in this manner, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption during the heating season.

Increased Safety:

Another direct consequence of investing in the right HVAC system is the increased safety that it provides. When people feel secure in their homes, they are more apt to conserve energy consumption. The result can reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%. In addition, the decreased energy consumption reduces HVAC-related costs by a significant amount. In short, investing in an efficient HVAC system has direct consequence that directly impacts your bottom line.


If you want to know how to keep your energy consumption

at optimal levels throughout the year, contact a local HVAC service today. A professional HVAC contractor can show you how to achieve an effective energy management program. Not only will he or she show you effective ways to lower your energy consumption during the heat of summer and your cooling needs during the winter months, but they can also show you how to reduce the negative impact of high humidity and temperature on the home’s interior. If you have any questions about energy management, let your HVAC contractor help you find a solution that meets both your comfort and your budget. This type of proactive maintenance can significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and its breakdown rate.

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