How to Save Your Gas and Electricity Bills?

Business Electricity Suppliers – How to Switch to Save on Your Gas and Electricity Bills

Why is electricity cheaper at night? It is quite a common question among homeowners that are considering changing their supplier. The price of gas and electricity has gone up considerably in recent years. To remain competitive, many companies have resorted to tactics such as rate changes to attract more customers. When you are looking for a supplier who can offer you great deals on gas and electricity, make sure you find out about all the various offers they offer before deciding to sign up with them.


There are several types of business energy contracts you can look for

These include same-day utility’ or ‘half-hourly meters’ and ‘nightly meters’. What is the difference between these types of contracts? For instance, if you are looking for a same-day utility’, your energy supplier will supply all your gas and electricity needs during the day and you only need to pay the low daily rate. In case you sign up for ‘half-hourly meters’, your supplier will supply you with gas and electricity for one hour.


If you also want to make savings on your monthly utility bills

you should think about using solar panels to power your business appliances. Many companies offer lucrative deals if you install solar panels on your business premises. In addition, most of these companies offer further incentives such as free installation, no ongoing monthly charges and so on. If you can install solar panels on your own premises, you will also save on your overall energy usage as you will not be required to run any electrical wires to connect them to the main power supply.


When you compare prices for gas and electricity

it is advisable to get at least three estimates. Ask your gas and electricity supplier whether they offer a discount on gas and electricity if you buy gas in bulk. You can even ask them for a bulk discount on your first year of gas or electricity purchases. Sometimes, you can get even further reductions on your second and third year. In addition, your supplier may also offer you discounts on your fourth and fifth year of purchases.


Once you have found suitable gas and electricity suppliers

who offer you good deals, you can start your negotiations with them to switch your current supplier to the new supplier. Most energy companies offer their clients a five or ten per cent waiver on the cost of the regular gas and electricity rates. However, you should be prepared to face haggling with your new supplier when it comes to haggling over the price of switching business electricity suppliers. In fact, it is better to make a fixed price for the entire lifetime of your energy contract with your new supplier rather than just a introductory price which may fall due to inflation later on.


Switching your gas and electricity supplier is a relatively easy process.

You will usually get a cheaper rate from your current supplier, and you can transfer your gas and electricity meter records to your new supplier as well. This will help your company’s carbon footprint to significantly reduce while still allowing you to save a few dollars on your annual utility bills. Therefore, switching your business uses to green energy tariffs can lead to significant savings for you, your employees and your customers.

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