Katana Swords – What Are They?

samurai warriors in medieval

Katana Swords is one of the most famous sword types in history. Originally developed in the early seventeenth century Japan, katana literally means “knife of the sword”. A katana is usually Japanese swords characterized by a single curved, single edged blade with a flat or square guard and usually long grip to fit two hands. Used by samurai warriors in medieval Japan, it later developed into a more popular katana with a longer blade and a single-edged grip.

The connection between the ninja and samurai swords dates back to the fourteenth century when ninja warriors wore concealed weapons made from wood, metal, stone or leather to blend in with their surroundings. They carried concealed weapons such as bananas, which were actually sticks, in an attempt to confuse and surprise their opponents. From there, the connection between the ninja and real katana swords was forged.

three katana swords that were longer

During the nineteenth century, a collector named Okamoto No Kaori brought back three katana swords that were longer than the samurai swords. When he exhibited them at the Tokyo Exhibition in his lifetime, the swords gained public attention. Since then, there have been many rumors and stories surrounding the legend of the legendary katana sword. One such story states that the third katana sword was so long that it could easily be wielded like a club.

On the other hand, there are also stories of the Uchigatana, which is believed to be a variation of the katana sword. Some say that the Uchigatana, which has a straight blade, was used during tournaments and battle as a substitute for a straight sword. Based on the accounts, a Japanese swordsmith once made a straight blade out of a piece of bone, which is called a bone katana.

Japanese samurai tried and failed

In addition, there is the Shodai, or short sword, which according to one story was created when a Japanese samurai tried and failed to slice through a log with a normal sword. He then wrapped the log’s string around his katana and attempted to slice the log with his sword. However, the log continued to roll back and the samurai inadvertently sliced through the string instead of the wood. The result: a blunt sword.

Another popular weapon in the Japanese history is the tamahagane, or Japanese bayonet. Tamahagane are also known as “bayonet swords,” because they have a sharp, curved blade that was originally intended to be used in battlefields. The blade of a tamaagane is typically made from either copper or silver and adorned with motifs, which may include flowers, dragon, birds, and insects. The design of a tameshiba or bayonet sword is similar to that of a katana, with the only main difference being the length of the blade.

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