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Maintaining Your HVAC Unit During The Winter Season

The best way to maintain your HVAC Unit during the Winter season is to ensure that it is working properly. You should clean and change the filters frequently. Check the system’s vents regularly to ensure that there are no obstructions or loose fasteners. If there are any obstructions or loose screws, you should fix these before winter begins. Performing maintenance on your HVAC unit will help you save money on your heating bill during the winter season.

A Minimum Of 3 Feet Of Clearance Around Your Indoor Unit

Make sure that there is a minimum of 3 feet of clearance around your indoor unit to allow it to function properly. It is important to ensure that nothing is obstructing the air flow. Debris, leaves, and insects can cause the system to run more slowly and may cause damage. To avoid this, make sure that the area around the HVAC unit is free of these obstructions. To keep your HVAC running smoothly, you can contact an HVAC company and request a fall/winter check-up. Most HVAC companies offer this service for a nominal fee. These inspections include a full inspection of your entire system and a maintenance plan.

Consider Testing Your HVAC Unit

You should also consider testing your HVAC Unit. If you don’t use your HVAC this winter, you may notice that your unit is running more than usual. This can help you identify potential problems with your unit before winter hits. In addition to performing regular maintenance, you should also listen for odd noises or smells and contact a technician if you notice any of these issues. The sooner you find out about the issues with your HVAC, the sooner you can get them fixed.

Before winter arrives, it is a good idea to test your HVAC unit. This will help you determine any issues you have before the weather conditions start to make it hard to heat your home. If you hear noises that are irregular or smell something that is unusual, you should contact a professional technician immediately. If the noises persist, you may want to call the repair company. A simple inspection should help you avoid unnecessary repair bills and emergency heating outages.

A Dirty Air Filter

Another common problem with HVAC systems is a dirty air filter. The air filter is responsible for removing unwanted particles from your home’s air and can also be clogged if you do not clean it properly. Changing your air filter will keep your home’s air clean. A clean air filter will also help you avoid the need for expensive repairs during the winter. During the winter, you should check the intake vents to prevent a breakdown in your HVAC unit.

Fan Of Your HVAC Unit

You should also take care of the fan of your HVAC unit. The fan is responsible for the air that is forced through the system. If your fan is clogged, it will make it harder for your HVAC to work. If you are having problems with the fan, you should call a technician immediately. A professional can inspect the system and give you a price quote for fixing it. This can save you time and money.

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