Party Ideas With a Touch of Color

Are you looking for some spooky Halloween ideas?

There are lots of them out there. A great way to get ready for October 31st is to dress up as something different from who you are. Here are five great Halloween costume ideas to make your spooky source memorable:

Angels & Demons: Embracing timeless Halloween themes, embrace classic Halloween characters by having an evil costume party. Have the guests come dressed as characters from fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood or have a costume contest and choose the best looking devil or princess. The guests can then head to a spooky location where they can enjoy “practical jokes”. For an added touch to this party theme, decorate with glitter and spider webs.

Haunted Howl-O-ween: Spooky themed howlers are a popular Halloween theme. Create the atmosphere for the party by making everything look like it is out of the ordinary – using spider web structure to create spider webs on walls, paper fans, fog machine, etc. Use red, black and white to give the appearance of the devil’s carriage. Create a series of fun games by having the kids guess which scary things are real and which are made up. Then, have the kids perform tricks like dancing and drinking from paper fans.

Photo Booth Halloween Theme

A photo booth is a must for any Halloween party. With a digital photo taken at each guest’s place at the event, all of the guests can be automatically put in the photo booth and have their picture taken (or taken on a separate day if desired) for a prize that can be mailed out weeks before the party. Paper supplies for this theme include eye mask, paper cups, paper plates, paper napkins and scented candles or soaps to place on tables, chairs, etc. Also, decorate for the theme by adding Halloween themed decorations like spiders, pumpkins, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.

Party Ideas with Colourful Decorations: This party theme is especially great for children. Let your guests step into colourful costumes and use lots of bright, colourful accessories to add to the atmosphere. Incorporate these colours into your decorating with balloons, streamers, confetti, banners and more. Have your guests stand in front of a screen where they can see the pictures being taken and tell them to try their best to portray the colours correctly to earn prizes.

Party Ideas with Polka Dots

For a really unique theme, consider an Eastern-themed party with polka dots. The guests could wear polka dots or dot the face with an ornament such as a plastic butterfly or a wooden infuser. You could have a mini limbo contest and the first two people to complete the dance are the winners. Serve up hors oeuvres and you have a polka dot party to remember.

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