Risks of Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate change has been one of the greatest concerns of people from all walks of life

It seems that it is going to affect us even during our lifetimes. While no country is immune to this changing phenomenon, the most immediate impact that climate change has on human activities is through extreme weather events that cause damage to infrastructure. Businesses, especially small businesses, can’t function properly without sufficient levels of natural weather conditions.

If you are a business owner planning for your future, think about how climate change is going to change your business. Assess if your company’s existing practices are appropriate given current knowledge about climate change impacts. If your company is not currently taking advantage of green practices, now is the time to start. There are a number of new technologies out there that allow companies to both reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for the worst impact of climate change.

One of the most overlooked but important impact of climate change is the risk to business and property

Exposure from extreme weather events. Many industries are at increased risk of inclement weather and require specialized equipment and supplies to perform their day to day tasks. Those that are vulnerable to disasters will be especially hard hit, as more regions become more susceptible to extreme weather events. One area that is being targeted by natural disasters is shipping.

Shipping companies face increasingly difficult challenges as the frequency of extreme heat waves increases and shipping routes become more difficult due to shifting weather patterns. With increased fuel costs, and lower profit margins, some companies may not be able to afford to invest in new infrastructure to improve their fleet. As a result, they may have to downsize and forego buying new trucks and other pieces of heavy industrial equipment. This will have a profound impact on the amount of carbon emissions that are released into the air.

The effects of climate change are also being seen in the realm of tourism

Hotels, cruise lines, and others have all recently felt the impact of rising temperatures on their business and visitor’s experiences. While the incidence of visitors calling off trips is small compared to the overall number of people who are affected, the impact of these fewer tourists can be seen on the carbon emissions that are released into the Earth’s atmosphere. As cruise lines, for example, begin to phase out their fleets of ships that travel across the globe, they will be reducing their impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Although the impact of climate change has been felt on the shipping industry and on tourism, it can be seen in other areas as well. Homes and businesses can be at risk as extreme heat and rain threatens to break the homes and businesses that remain inside. In terms of the transportation industry, drivers are also facing more risk due to increased temperatures and the possibility of precipitation. Drivers and passengers need to be aware of the risks associated with extreme weather and climate change and act accordingly to limit their exposure.

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