Stylish and Refreshing Tumbler Beverages For Your Outdoor Vacation

A tumbler is an over-sized flat-bottomed drink glass

The modern tumbler has a wider base and wider sides than even the old fashioned whiskey glass. Tumblers can come in different shapes and sizes, but the most popular is the tall, narrow tumbler. Most cocktail glasses are taller than tumblers (around 7 inches) to facilitate easier shaking. This article will examine some of the benefits of using tumbler instead of a more conventional glass.

Tumblers are great for parties, since you can serve several glasses at once. Unlike drinking from regular drinking glasses which have a limited number of drink servings, tumblers can hold a lot of drink servings. Tumblers make it easy to serve cold drinks like frappes and punches. Since tumblers can hold several drink servings, they are also great for parties where there will be a lot of people at the party. Guests will be served their drink with ease and not have to worry about getting a drink that they may not like all of the time.

Tumblers are also ideal for taking hot coffee

Many people buy a small refrigerator that keeps the water warm. For this reason, it is possible to keep the coffee warm without having to add any ice, since tumblers are insulated and keep the coffee hot just as well as regular mugs. Tumblers can also be used to serve hot chocolate, since the tumbler can hold several cups of hot chocolate and keep it hot until the guests leave.

If you want a classic look, then there are many different tumbler styles to choose from. There are coffee shop tumblers, tumbler glasses, and even a steel tumbler that are great for entertaining. The coldness of the glass makes it a nice addition to a Negril Jamaica vacation villa, and the tumbler allows you to serve delicious cocktails.

Tumblers are also ideal for serving other beverages

Since tumblers can hold several beverages, you can serve your guests cups of coffee and cocoa, and have cold juices like lemonade or papaya available for dessert. This is an ideal way to serve refreshments during afternoon parties and family events. You can always stock up on these items at the end of the event, since you will have plenty of empty glasses once guests leave.

Plastic straws are usually used for drinking soda, tea, and most other soft drinks. A stainless steel straw is the best option for cold beverages. A plastic straw will become cold very quickly, and the straw will break off and give the drinker cold soda or tea. If you want to have tea with dessert, you can use a steel straw, since it will stay cold much longer than a plastic straw. You can serve fruit juices and sodas with your tumbler, since the sugar in these products will retain the coldness of the juices. If you want to make a mint taffy for your guest who likes them, you can use a tealight to extinguish the candle and make a refreshing drink for everyone.

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