Switch To Renewable Energy To Reduce Your Energy Bills

The Feed-in Tariff Scheme is an energy efficiency program run by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The scheme was launched in 2021 with the intention of encouraging home owners to install low carbon heaters and generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sun. Since then it has become a hugely popular way to both heat homes and generate electricity from renewable energy sources. However the scheme has had an up and down track record since its inception and has not gained as much popularity as many people hoped it would.

There are various benefits to switching over to the scheme. The most obvious is the money that can be made available to households who can harness this free form of energy. The estimated cost of installing solar photovoltaic panels on a household property can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds, whereas a similar system for heating a home using heat pumps or geothermal systems can be installed for less than a few hundred pounds. This means that the overall annual saving to a household when switching to clean, green energy can be huge. It also means that the carbon footprint that an individual will be leaving will be much smaller.


Time-Based Electricity Rates


Although the scheme started out as a purely green energy source for power generation, it is now embracing other forms of renewable energy. One of the newest schemes under the scheme allows people to generate electricity from the heat of ocean waves. This means that coastal communities that rely on sea temperatures for heating can now generate electricity to power the lights in their homes. The initial cost of installing the devices may be high, but it is expected that within ten years this cost would have been removed. Electricity generated from the sun or wind is not only free, but also produces no pollution.

Another benefit of switching to renewable energy is the reduction in carbon emissions that will be released into the atmosphere. The Feed-in Tariff Scheme offers a tax credit to those who use renewable energy to generate their electricity and gas. An average household will be able to claim up to 20% of the costs involved in setting up renewable electricity systems. Although many energy companies promote the idea of switching over to wholly or partially renewable energy sources, the Feed-in Tariffs scheme is one of the first to actively encourage this. Other schemes such as the European Union’s” EEG” (EEG tax) on electricity has also encouraged individuals to think more about green living options.

In addition to helping to reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, there are also other benefits to switching to a completely eco-friendly energy system. There are no worries about running out of fuel or electricity since renewable energy sources will never run out. The fuel sources used by the generators will also never be depleted, meaning that your home will always be warm and comfortable. There will also be no damage caused to the environment due to the generators throwing up harmful fumes and emissions into the air.

Many people have already taken advantage of the Feed-in Tariff scheme. In fact, millions of households across Great Britain have signed up to the scheme, making it one of the biggest schemes in the country. The scheme provides an excellent incentive for energy users to switch over to green living. If you want to save money on energy bills each month, the Feed-in Tariff Scheme is definitely the way to go. Furthermore, if you are still unsure whether or not the scheme is right for you, then you should ask energy supplier E.ON which currently offers the Feed-in Tariff in the UK.

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