The Best Contact Lens Prescription

How To Find The Best Contact Lens Prescription

Contact Lenses aren’t necessarily an option for every patient with vision problems. There are certain situations where wearing contact lenses is important and necessary. If you are interested in trying this new technology, several types of Contact Lenses may be right for you. Here are some of the different types of contact lenses available.


As the name implies

the most common type of contact lens is the daily disposables. These are the easiest to fit and take care of. They fit easily because the shape is very simple. Your eye doctor will take measurements to make sure the perfect fit is achieved. Once your measurements are taken, your contact lenses will be prepared for you and then you are ready to go. A small hole is cut into one corner and then the tiny lens cap is fitted over the hole and the solution is gently added.


Soft contact lenses come in a variety of styles and colors

This type of contact lenses may be more comfortable for some people. These are often considered beginner-friendly because they are much easier to care for than daily disposables. However, this comfort level is also dependent upon your eye color and shape. These soft contact lenses can be more expensive than daily disposables, so if you have high needs for comfort, then soft contact lenses may not be right for you.


When it comes to daily disposables

the measurements for these items are very simple. They generally fit like regular contacts. The most important measurement is to take your prescription measurements. You will also need to take measurements of your eyes to be able to tell if the contacts are too big, too small, or the correct fit. Your eye doctor should be able to help you with the proper contact lens fitting.


If you wear contact lenses for vision correction

then you will want to choose a comfortable style. There are contact lenses available that are curved, oval, and even round. You will also have the choice between full lenses, half lenses, and soft contact lenses. Comfort may also be a factor in the size you will need to wear.


The safest way to find the perfect contact lens prescription

is to visit an ophthalmologist or optician. They will fit your eyes for the proper fit. They will take measurements of your eyes as well as your prescription information. From there, they should be able to give you the best contact lens prescription that is based on your eyes. They can also suggest the best color and style to help improve the appearance of your eyes.

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