The Definition of Sexual Harassment and What to Do When it Happens in New York City


If you or someone you know has been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, then a New York City attorney may be your best source of legal advice. Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality for many people working in the public sector. If you have experienced any type of sexual harassment, no matter how large or small, you should take action immediately.

Sexual Harassment

A qualified New York City sexual harassment lawyer can help employees to seek appropriate damages from all responsible parties. They will also work to analyze the situation, explain a client s right to sue, and then demand appropriate compensation for the victim. In many cases, victims choose to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC rather than pursuing a case through court. The EEOC will first determine if there has been any actual sexual harassment. If it finds that there has been, the commission will then determine whether the conduct constitutes discrimination or is protected by a number of Title VII elements.

The lawyer will then draft a harassment case against the suspect. In order to have a successful case, the victim must be able to show that the conduct in question violated a Title VII requirement or was based on conduct constituting sexual harassment. This means that even if a victim is not certain that she has been subjected to any illegal conduct, it is important to consult with a lawyer so that they can assess the case and proceed with the filing of a complaint. The lawyer can also provide guidance as to what options are available to the victim.


For example, a victim might be harassed via jokes, emails, or other forms of communication. If these things are found to be defamatory, then a complaint can be filed. Even if the jokes are offensive, the fact that they were conveyed via a computer and over the internet cannot be ignored. If you work for a company where you are constantly subjected to jokes, emails, or other conduct that is found to be sexual in nature, you need to contact an attorney.

There are other elements of the definition of sexual harassment that must be proven before a lawsuit can be filed. The words “offensive”, and “persistent” must all be met in order for there to be a valid case. Additionally, the victim has to be a reasonable person who was subjected to the offensive conduct.


In short, if you have been or are a victim of sexual harassment in New York, it is important to contact a New York sexual harassment attorney who can guide you through the process. If you are unsure of whether or not you may have a case, an attorney can assist you in determining whether you have a case, how you should proceed, and whether or not the company you are working for actually has a liability policy in place. Remember: never confront a harasser! Use any information you gather to report the activity to the proper authorities. You never know how the situation will progress, but being aware of your rights and where to turn can keep you from living the nightmare of a sexual harassment case in New York. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible so you can take control of your life and pursue a case against the harasser.

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