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The World of Esports

Gamescom is an international exhibition and convention that bring together game developers, producers, marketers and fans from across the globe for an experience of multi-faceted gaming. Esports is often a platform of aggressive competition with computer and video gaming systems. It’s usually seen as competitive gaming between enthusiasts, but nowadays, esport refers to all forms of competitive gaming, be it online or offline. The term has rapidly expanded from its traditional context. With the dawn of new technologies, the competition has also grown.


Esport in general is a platform of competitive gaming with video and computer games being the most common medium. Esports can often take the form of group, multiplayer video game tournaments, especially between professional gamers, locally or internationally. For example, there are now professional, national and international soccer leagues that feature professional and semi-professional teams that compete in the name of a league and in competition against other teams from other nations. The same is true for other games like League of Legends, Supervision and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Traditional sports and casino gaming are also getting in on the act. Several major casino companies have their own departments for research, development and implementation of strategic plans. In addition, some of the world’s most famous casino gaming icons are invested in and are now part owners of pro gaming franchises. Some of these world renowned casino moguls are Las Vegas Sands Corp. owner/chairman Steve Wynn, MGM Resorts International executive v.p. Ross Williams and Intercasino Investment Corp. CEO Robert Destadt.


One of the more prominent examples of globalization of esport comes from the arena of stadium events. Most traditional sports event organizers see the immense potentials of investing in the opportunity of creating international arenas where fans from various corners of the world can gather to enjoy the game. In contrast to the future of esports, there is still a dearth of reliable information about future stadium events from either the organization side or the players’ end. It remains to be seen if there will be space for both the players and the fans in such an event. In contrast to traditional sports, there is no space for the players to wear soccer jerseys and adorn the stands with placards and banners in their native language, in spite of the fact that most fans do not even know English.

However, there are bright spots on the horizon for the sport. Blizzard Entertainment, creator of the World of Warcraft franchise, is now working on a new project based around a new type of game, the World of WarCraft. The game will feature both team and individual battles between gamers. The company is not yet ready to reveal any specific details, but it is clear that the concept is modeled after traditional sports.

If anything, there is one very big difference between traditional sports and the upcoming e-sports scene. Unlike traditional sports, there are no professional athletes or teams to support. This might change in the future, as some of the top players are already showing an interest in playing the game.

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