tips on Taking Care of Your Eyes

Taking Care of Your Eyes – Home Tips

If you spend most of your day reading the newspaper, watching TV, or sitting in front of your computer screen, it is imperative to keep your eyes healthy. The eyes are extremely important and play a huge role in your ability to read and retain information. As well, your eyesight is important as you may come into contact with things daily that could cause them damage or wear away the lenses. To keep your eyes healthy and allow them to function properly you must make sure to take proper care of them each day.


Avoid Screen Breaks Long periods spent

in front of a screen will tire out the eyes and cause them to become fatigued. Long periods of staring at a screen can also strain the eyes and cause them to become inflamed. If you frequently take long periods standing or working at a computer screen it is crucial to take frequent short breaks. Taking short breaks from screen monitors will help to keep your eyes from becoming exhausted and allow them to relax. Taking frequent short breaks will also prevent the development of eye strain and headaches that could arise from prolonged staring at a screen.


Avoid Dry Eyes Eye problems such as itching

water leaking from the eyes and even blurred vision can all be traced back to dried eyes. If you are constantly staring at a screen without taking short breaks, it is easy to develop dry eyes. To solve this problem you must blink in quick, controlled movements several times throughout the day. When you blink you not only remove moisture from the eyes but also make sure that your vision is not impaired.


Proper Use of Eye Protection or safety goggles

can be helpful to reduce the risk of developing vision problems that can result in damage to the cornea. Eye protection should be worn when working with computers or when driving vehicles. Safety goggles will protect your eyes against particles and fumes that are contained in the workplace. It is important to wear safety goggles even when playing outdoor sports like baseball and swimming.


Taking Care of Your Vision Eye health and safety

should be a number one priority. By adopting these healthy habits you can keep your eyes working properly and preventing vision problems that can eventually lead to the development of glaucoma and other serious eye problems. The most important part of eye care involves getting rid of any debris, dirt, and dust that might be sitting on your lenses or glasses. If there is any debris, dust, or dirt your vision will be blurred. For glasses, it is also important to periodically take care to clean them.


Don’t Play Dangerous Games When playing video games

the eyes should always be covered to avoid eye damage. It is also important to not play racquetball or use a tennis racket too close to the face. Eye damage can occur if a ball hits the back of the eye causing damage and scarring. To avoid this problem always wear protective eyewear when participating in these sports. If you do not need to wear glasses to protect your eyes wear prescription glasses to allow for clear vision.

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