Unique Features of Tactical Tanto Knives

If you are looking for a handyman knife that can be used in a number of different ways, then you will definitely want to consider checking out the Tanto knife. This multi-functional tool is often confused with its brother the ninja sword, but the truth is that they are very different. Here are a few things that you might not know about these two very useful tools.


Basically, tanto knives are primarily known for being very small, single-edged blades that are extremely effective when it comes to cutting and slashing objects. In fact, tanto knives were designed for specific reasons; that is, to make it easier for military and law enforcement personnel to do their jobs. The name tanto comes from the type of knife block that was used in training, and today’s models are made using the same block.

In addition, the name into comes from the curvature on the blade edge, which is what allows this multi-functional tool to perform such amazing slicing moves. Most kitchen knives have flat edges, but the flat edges of a tanto knife are actually convex, which gives them an edge for slashing and chopping. Also, most kitchen knives have a back edge for cutting boards, but the back edge of a tanto knife has no sharp point at all, which makes it perfect for cutting soft or smooth objects. Another unique feature of tanto knives is that their edges are designed to be razor sharp, which makes them great for cutting and slicing into soft or thick materials. Kubikiri is another name for this type of knife, and it comes in a few different sizes and styles.


Kubikiri tactical knives are used for several purposes including cutting rope, twining, and piercing objects. Although they look similar to a chef’s knife, their blade is much smaller and more straight, which makes it perfect for piercing objects. Plus, the concave shape of a tanto knife’s cutting edge actually helps increase penetration, making it useful for tasks like threading needle noses, and other piercing tasks.

The third style of tanto knives is the flat-toothed style, which looks very much like a butter knife. The concave shape of its cutting edge is just perfect for piercing objects. The third style is made in Japan and is known as the Santoku knife. This style is similar to the flat-toothed style, except it incorporates a thumb hole to add leverage for more cutting power. Many Santoku knives have a long, rounded thumb hole to allow for more leverage and increased cutting power. This makes the Santoku style a great choice for sawing through logs, blocks of wood, or other hard objects.


Although these tanto knives do look similar to their conventional anti counterparts, the Santoku knives have a number of unique characteristics that set them apart from the other tactical knives. Most tactical knives are made with a flat, pointy blade designed to penetrate and slice through objects. The Santoku knives are designed for more specific tasks, and this is why the Santoku knives have such a strong, penetrating tip. The shape of the blade is also designed for additional strength, which makes them ideal for cutting and slashing into padded objects, or other hard objects.

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