what are the types of armor?

The Best Concealable Body Armor

The best concealable body armor systems for law enforcement personnel are designed to repel force from a distance and meet the highest standards of comfort while performing their duties. The ballistic nylon body armor is by far the most popular choice among law enforcement professionals due to its high impact resistance, high energy efficiency, and tight fit. The nylon material also allows for high flexibility which provides officers with an increased range of movement and protection from close-up contact. Since ballistic nylon has such outstanding qualities it is favored over other fabrics such as vinyl, carbon fiber, and leather that are less expensive and less comfortable to wear.


The three types of armor

are known as Level I, Level II, and III. The Level I armor offers the least impact resistance and is the most affordable. However, it is not capable of stopping high-impact projectiles like the lead fragments from a caliber gun. Due to this lack of stopping power the lower level armor is used by many law enforcement agencies for purposes of training and exams. It is also available in a compact steel frame which is lighter and more mobile than the traditional model.


The next style of armor

is Level III which is capable of stopping high-impact firearms and stopping larger projectiles such as buckshot, rubber rounds, and foam balls. This armor is often utilized by Special Forces and Police units for non-lethal and high-impact crowd control. Some law enforcement agencies utilize a combination of both steel and nylon fabrics. This particular combination is called multi-layered concealable body armor.


After the law enforcement body armor

has been installed the agency will typically update the uniforms and use old decals to cover the new purchases. These decals can be washed and have a fresh look after being exposed to the elements. The new installation of body armor will remain white to blend in better with the surroundings. Multilayered armor can be purchased in different colors such as tan, white, and green.


Body armor can be used by civilians for protection as well

When purchasing armor for self-defense or other personal protection the wearer must be protected. Body armor that is used by law enforcement agencies is specifically made for these specific purposes. Many concealable weapons have this armor and are used by many different types of individuals including those involved in Law Enforcement and Special Forces.


Many concealable protective armor choices

are on the market today and are becoming more popular on the streets. It is important to know what the armor can be used for and the law enforcement standards before purchasing. Most of the modern armor has Kevlar-reinforced Kevlar and other strong materials. The body armor can protect you and others from the dangers that are part of being a police officer, soldier, and even a private citizen.

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