What Does a Moving Company Do Differently Than a Homeowner?


You may have heard horror stories about some people’s experiences with movers. Things like being awakened at 4am or being dropped off at the wrong house can happen. These stories are usually from people who have hired unprofessional movers and experienced firsthand how hard it is to care for a moving truck and what dangers are involved. While this is not always the case, it’s important to know how things will go before the move. Here are some things to expect when things finally move into your new home:


All movers will advise you of the heaviest items that will need to be moved. Movers will use heavy-duty moving trucks to move things such as furniture, appliances, and even clothing. They may have recommendations for specific items, such as beds, televisions, exercise equipment and more. Whatever the movers will be taking on, rest assured you’re in complete control of their moving schedule and their truck.

Starting well in advance of moving day, movers will start unpacking everything they have transported. Everything will need to be unpacked and stored in the proper location. This means that movers may have to return to the origin point of where the items were packed to ensure everything went where it was supposed to. While this will add several extra trips to the truck, it will mean less time away from your home and more time to get settled. After everything has been loaded and taken back to the truck, movers will begin the job of actually packing up your belongings. This includes putting labels on each box, rolling and tying tape around everything, and ensuring everything has a designated place to be packed.

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Once the movers arrive at your home, they will remove everything from the truck and begin tearing down walls and opening doors. Everything that is not needed should be boxed up and taken to the curb or yard to be disposed of. Once everything is moved out of your home, it’s just a matter of tagging all of the boxes and bringing them to the new house. Movers can even help with any of the unloading of the truck, so you won’t have to worry about doing it on your own.

Once the movers have completed packing your things, it’s a simple matter of reinstalling everything. It’s common for homeowners to be a little bit nervous about doing this, especially if they’re moving from an older home. Many times, it’s easier to reinstall flooring, wall and carpet than it is to move large, heavy objects. Once reinstalled and cleaned, movers will generally recommend that things are ready to go for moving day.

The majority of movers will give you a few days warning before moving day to make certain that all of your items are in the truck and ready to go. You can even call and double check things before the big move just to be sure. If you find that there are things you didn’t realize you had inside that you did during packing, by all means ask the moving company to double check. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to moving.

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