what is the use of body armor?

Understanding the Body Armor Job

Body armor also called a bulletproof vest or a ballistic vest is a protective device worn by most police officers and soldiers to protect their bodies during force combat. The original test was developed in Vietnam for use by U.S. soldiers who were often in contact with enemy fire and low visibility conditions in the jungle. Since then, this protective wear has gone through many improvements to provide better protection. Today, the vests are made with today’s materials and features, such as heavy-duty fabric for maximum protection and water resistance. Some vests are designed for specific activities, such as being used for diving or military and law enforcement personnel. But whatever type of vest you wear, it will give you the added protection and support during your daily life.


One of the first changes in the protective vest

came about when plates were introduced to replace the heavy metal shields that were initially used. Plate plates are steel bars or large plates that have been heating welded to create a hard, sturdy plate. When a person is shot, the plate absorbs the energy and disperses it to the attacker’s clothing, causing minimal damage but making the attacker easy to see and more prone to being taken out of the fight. The attacker is likely to leave the area without taking any hits or leaving the area, leaving the police officer or soldier with no means of tracking him down.


Because of the benefits of the new material

law enforcement agencies across the country began to purchase body armor plates for use by their officers. The plates themselves were similar to traditional body armor, except they were not made of metal. Instead, the plates were made of Kevlar, a very strong fiber that is woven into cloth and used in many everyday items. Kevlar is known for its fire resistance, durability, and safety. It’s also been successful in creating bulletproof vests because of its air permeability.


Body armor made of Kevlar has been successful in its mission

to protect police officers, firefighters, and members of the military from firearms fire. In fact, because of the significant improvements in material and design, ballistic body armor has become one of the most sought-after items in law enforcement agencies and the military. Many high-ranking police officers have been disciplined or fired for not wearing the right body armor. This has sparked an increase in interest in the product among everyday citizens and there are now entire websites devoted to teaching individuals how to install the armor to their bodies.


Although many different manufacturers produce the armor

there are only a few that are certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The three certificates are the NIJ-certified Nighthawk Body Armor, the CTR approved CTR Thermo-Flex, and the NIJ certified Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot, which comes in a five-piece set of plate carriers. The Nighthawk is one of the highest-rated items on the market and is also the highest-selling plate carrier in the world. The other two sets of products, the Thermo-flex and the Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot, were not as popular.


Regardless of what type of armor the person is wearing

there is no question that the level of protection offered by wearing one increases their chances of avoiding injury. For this reason, more law enforcement agencies and individuals are choosing to install the armor onto their personnel. The increased safety of their jobs and the assurance they receive from employers far outweigh the cost of purchasing and installing the new equipment. Whether you are a police officer, a security guard, or just an everyday citizen buying and using plate carriers for personal protection body armor has never been so easy.

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