What Types Of Services Do Health Clinics Offer?


A clinic is an independently managed, primarily medical facility which is specifically geared towards the treatment of patients. Clinics are either privately run or publicly funded and managed. Most clinics are found in hospitals, but some also provide services outside the hospital walls.


A clinic can be either a referral clinic primary care clinic or a specialty clinic. In a primary care clinic, the main purpose is to provide health care to the primary residents. These are people who live in the area where the clinic operates and serve as a first point of contact for any health issues a resident may have. The services offered usually include a primary care physician, health care providers and specialists. Sometimes, these clinics also offer pharmacy services. Some offer other patient care services such as hearing aids, physical therapies, psychotherapy and minor surgery.

Specialty medical clinics aim to treat particular health conditions. They usually have a specific area of focus such as pediatric, gynecological, cosmetic, men’s health, neurological, cosmetic and alternative health conditions. The services offered are usually not covered by insurance. Health conditions that are treated in specialty medical clinics include those that affect the musculoskeletal system, dermatology and neurology.


Addiction services clinics provide assistance to addicts to recover from addictions such as alcohol, cocaine, opiates and gambling. These are some of the most common mental health conditions that are treated in addiction services clinics. A large number of people are suffering from addiction to drugs such as marijuana, heroin and methamphetamines. These people require professional help and guidance in overcoming their addictions. Addiction services clinics are equipped with professionals who specialize in the treatment of drug addiction. They treat both the physical and psychological aspects of drug addiction.

Sexual health clinics offer counseling for couples and for sexually transmitted diseases. STD or sexually transmitted diseases include genital warts, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. There is a growing demand for sex education and information in the society today. Sexual health clinics also provide counseling on various sexual health conditions including male sexual dysfunction, HIV/AIDS, and obesity. STD’s have been found to be very prevalent among teenagers, which could be attributed to increasing pressures from schools and parents for students to conform to ‘western’ cultures.


Clinics offer special services to suit the needs of different people. These can include treatments for sexually transmitted diseases and for different addictions. The choice of the right clinic depends on individual requirements. One should find a medical clinic that provides for personalization of treatment so that one gets the treatment that is most appropriate for his condition.

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