Why You Might Need an Energy Performance Certificate

Energy performance certificates are an assessment scheme to assess the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. They are usually issued by local building control officers, who take into account the energy usage and other factors when drawing up the certificate. The certificate then informs the owner of the rating a building has received. The rating then shows an estimate of how much it costs to run the building. The certificate then tells the owner what to do to make his or her building more energy efficient.

energy performance certificate


There are two main categories of buildings that require an energy performance certificate. These are listed buildings and temporary buildings. Temporary buildings are buildings that are being used for one or two weeks out of the year – such as schools and hotels – while listed buildings are buildings that are being used on a permanent basis, such as offices. As you can see, the rating system is somewhat different for these two categories. Here’s how the assessor measures them.


Temporary buildings have been in existence for less than two years. In this case, they only need to be checked twice, while listed buildings have to be checked for ten years. All other things being equal, buildings that are rented will have better ratings, so the landlord should take that into consideration. When you’re renting a property, it’s important to find out what rating a building has, because this is a measure of how efficient a property is. When you’re renting a property, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best service possible.

Energy Bills

One way to help lower your energy bills is to make sure that your house is kept warm and dry. Make sure that your windows and doors aren’t left open for long periods of time. This means that you’ll need to make sure that your air conditioning system isn’t running too high, since that can also lead to higher bills. Other things like your fridge and wardrobe don’t necessarily affect your energy performance certificate, but it’s always good to keep them well stocked with goods that don’t use a lot of electricity.

The types of products that you buy and the way that you use them may not have any effect on your energy performance certificate. However, you will have to pay more money when you have an energy-efficient home. This is because it will cost more to produce greenhouse gases, meaning that the bills will go up. A home that uses energy efficiently will use less energy and thus, will reduce your bill. However, if you’re building a new home, you have no control over which energy-efficient products you buy.


If you’re concerned about your domestic energy performance certificate, you should contact a licensed domestic energy assessor to get your rating. They’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong with your home. It could be that you need to install more windows or other types of energy-efficient windows. In some cases, it’s possible that your furnace isn’t working optimally. A qualified professional can help you find these problems and give you advice on what you should do to fix them. With a little help from an assessor, you should be able to get your energy efficiency rating back up to par very soon.

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